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Great News, The Inveratbelt is spearheading the launch of the DIY Therapy Series.  The Oakford Group and DIY Therapy is focused on providing individuals with self-treatment option that are simple easy and concise. using innovative products and treatment techniques.
Please see our podcast section located in our podcast tab or find us on google podcast and apple podcasts, under DIY Therapy.
In December 2018, we were proud to release The Rehab Cookbook: Low Back Pain Edition as an eBook on Amazon (paper back copies – coming soon).  The self-treatment guide is designed to take people through the education, self-discovery and symptom recognition process critical to self-treatment and management of one’s low back pain. 
Does that sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be.  Self-assessment and treatment are a skill, and with proper tools and practice, the skill can be taught and learned.  Now pain can be predicted, prevented and perfected!
Below is our affiliated link to each the Rehab Cookbook!  Look for other pain management guides to be added soon!
The Inveratbelt is designed to help treat low back pain.  An added bonus features is provided at the end of the guide to help aid in the use of The Invertabelt, if you so choose to purchase the product with the treatment guide.

Price: $4.00

Coming soon is The DIY general pain management guide , The DIY  shoulder pain guide and  The DIY neck pain guide.   We are adding additional products that will support the exercises necessary for the pain management of each body area and will support the content provided by each treatment guide.

Rangemaster shoulder pulley:  Excellent use for early treatment of the highly sensitive shoulder.  Allows for passive range of motion and active assistive range of motion for the shoulder, introducing pain free motion.

Price: $10.80

Resistive Bands: Resistive training is critical for tolerance building for chronic neck to help build upper thoracic strength which supports the neck and head in static postures.  Static postures are correlated to persistent neck pain.

Resistant strengthening for shoulder pain is important to introduce low level strengthening and motion activities.  These motions mimic activities of daily living and introduce the motion to the shoulder.

Price: $20.98

The sensory ball is a ball that is used for AAROM and function strengthening.  It is to be used against the wall, in multiple directions.  The ball allows for support but also forces the shoulder to provide more stability during motion.  It is an excellent transition exercise for the shoulder for individuals who are having difficulty with endurance or strength lifting their hand above the shoulder height.

The ball can also be used for several core and pelvic stabilization exercises to help improve coordination of the low back musculature during back pain.

Price: $13.09

The Serola SI Belt:  The SI is a complicated joint that can use support when irritated.  The Serola belt is the belt market.  The belt should be work to monitor high pain levels at first, then weened off as pain lessons.  Perform core strengthening exercises with the belt on and off as pain levels drop, eventually eliminating the sue of the belt.  Research indicates that the SI joint is responsible for approximately 12% of back pain.   Great for unstable pelvis or post partum/pregnancy.