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DIY Therapy: Back Pain Guide Ebook


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Low back pain has become a large problem across all aspects of life affecting 130 million Americans each year.  It can affect our work, social interactions, our demeanor and even threaten our financial prosperity. Everyone experiences low back pain in their own way, it is unique to you and your back pain is different from my back pain. The question remains, how can one effectively manage back pain, and regain their prior lifestyle? How can we obtain a pain free life?

The DIYTherapy Low Back Guide is a streamlined rehabilitation process, allowing self-diagnosis and treatment to become simplified for the general public to utilize effectively.  Our process is designed to take your unique pain and help you individualize treatment strategies specific to your problems. The DIY process will help you regain a pain free life with simple exercises and movements that do not take up your entire day.

DIYTherapy Low back Guide will provide an overview of the back pain from a scientific perspective.  A better understanding the pain process will allow one to go on a journey of self discovery regarding the individual’s unique circumstances and symptoms.  Personal knowledge of one’s pain provides day one application of the treatment strategies. Get your life back today, with The DIY Therapy Low Back Guide.