Free educational videos!

 How to properly put on and off the Invertabelt



 Comparing Press up with the Invertabelt and without




 How to get down onto the Floor/Bed using the Invertabelt



Proper set up and adjustment for the Side Glide exercise 


Lumbar spine gentle mobilizations using the Invertabelt 




Nerve Glides/ lower extremity stretches





Why Use the  Invertabelt Posture Monitoring System




 Posture Monitoring





 Abdominal Bracing with The Invertabelt




Variation to the classic Bridge (oblique strengthening)





 Easy Transition between core stabilization and MDT progressions




 IT Band stretching with the Invertabelt!




 Easy Transition between standing progressions




 Multifidus strengthening




 Piriformis Stretch




 Planks progression with The Invertabelt!




 Quadratus and psoas stretch with The Invertabelt!


 High Level Core Strengthening


Easy Transition between prone MDT exercises


 Thoracic mobilization

 Quadruped Strengthening


 Quad Stretching with nerve glides




 Prone Press up with overpressure




Press up with decompression




 Standing Side Glide with Overpressure




 Standing Back bend with over pressure




 Roadkill positioning for lateral component




 Standing Side glide with over pressure




 Side glide with a combination of extension




 Prone on elbows with overpressure







 Prone on elbows with decompression