The Invertabelt System

The Invertabelt is the first therapy available used for self-application of overpressure utilizing MDT principals and treatment strategies.  Perfect for extension, lateral and flexion responders with easy transitions from loaded to unloaded positions.

The Invertabelt System

The Invertabelt System provides joint mobilization, overpressure, muscle/nerve mobilization, strengthening and posture support.  The Invertabelt System – Clinical Care, Anywhere!

The Invertabelt provides evidence-based treatment protocols that follow best practice guidelines, tried and tested by the popular McKenzie treatment approach.  The Invertabelt is effective and efficient at ensuring end range of motion (ROM) is achieved during every exercise repetition giving the individual the best potential for a successful treatment. 

The Invertabelt helps treat the following symptoms:

Chronic low back pain
Muscle strain/pain
Low back stiffness
Pinched nerve
Buttocks pain
Leg pain

Take control of your back pain with over 50+ exercises, which include stretching, strengthening, and mobilization progressions.  The Invertabelt System is only to be used with your rehabilitation specialist!