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Q: What are the benefits of using The Invertabelt System?
A: Common treatment for symptoms associated with low back involves moving the spine into a back bent or extended position. When the back is in spasm the Invertabelt Isolates and extends the exact segment needed to reduce symptoms similar to many manual therapy techniques performed in the therapy clinic. The Invertabelt provides a systematic evidence based exercise protocol designed to reduce back pain and keep it away for good. Techniques that were once only available in the therapy clinic can now be self applied multiple times a day. 

Q: Why do we treat most spine pain with extension or back bending?
A: Most spinal conditions occur because of the high ratio of bending forward versus bending backwards during the day. The average person will bend forward more then 3500 times versus bending backwards 100 times per day. Our postural habits and positioning throughout the day tends to draw the spine into a forward bent position which causes spinal loading asymmetries and tissue irritation.

Q: What does excessive bending do to the spine?
A: Excessive bending occasionally causes asymmetrical loading patterns of the spinal disc. The disc is a pliable structure and when loading excessively in one direction the disc material can begin to shift backwards. This backward shifting of the disc causes increase strain and pain on the spinal structures.   

Q: What is The Invertabelt System?
A: The Invertabelt System is an exercise protocol designed to isolate the spinal segment with each loading asymmetry, it helps to correct the asymmetry through progressive extension exercises. Once corrected, it monitors posture to maintain the proper loading pattern. The Invertabelt provides core strengthening and muscle stretching techniques to continue to promote further healing and spine maintenance.   

Q:What will I receive with the Invertabelt System?
A: The Invertabelt is to be used in conjunction with a physical therapist or medical professional. The exercises administered by the physical therapist should be followed precisely. In addition to the instructions given by your therapist, exercise instructions, video and diagrams are provided and can be accessed through the company website.  Instructions on website are adjunct in nature and are not designed to diagnose and are not be used or implemented in place of medical advice.