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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 11 – How Long Should it Take to Heal?

After a holiday break we are back at it. Today we are talking about how long it takes tissues like muscle, bone, ligaments and tendons to heal and the importance of why you should not rush after you stop having pain.
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Posture and Back Pain – McKenzie Roll

Understanding posture supports and the role they pay in low back pain.
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 10 – Tendonitis

We talk about tendinitis what can cause it and the steps you should be doing to cure the pain you are having. Pretty simple but tricky to do.
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 9 – Anke Sprain

We are talking about sprained ankles today, what you should do first when you first injure it, what you should and shouldn't worry about and things you need to work on to get back to your life.
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 8 – Low Back/Neck Braces

DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 8 – Low Back/Neck Braces It’s a short one today, we talk about if back and neck braces are a good thing or a bad thing, we also talk about the difference between physical therapy and occupational therapy. You can reach us at DIYtherapy206@gmail.com, DIYtherapy facebook page or @DIYtherapy at twitter.
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 7 – Mailbag #1

Podcast Episode 7 – Mailbag #1 Today we are not talking about one specific thing. First we talk about ice vs. heat and what is better, then we talk about plantar fasciitis and other treatments besides stretching and last we talk about if cracking your neck is good and what else you could do for...
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 6 – The Simple Rotator Cuff

Podcast Episode 6 – The Simple Rotator Cuff Today we talk about rotator cuff anatomy, ways to decrease shoulder pain and exercises like the Hughston exercises http://www.dynoswim.com/archives/ShoulderRotatorExer.pdf 2 sets with 30 reps, we are looking for endurance not power. Andy tries (with mixed results) to get me to finish the second season of Man in...
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 5 – Hip Bursitis

Podcast Episode 5 Hip Bursitis In episode 5 we discuss hip bursitis.  We discuss the anatomy, the pain typically associated, who is more at risk, and and easy treatment solutions.  Id you have hip pain, check out the podcast below!.    
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DIYTherapy Podcast Episode 4- Ergonomics

Podcast Episode 4 Ergonomics In episode 4 we discuss ergonomics in relation to sitting at varies stations.  Everyone is different and therefore everyone should be assessing their posture based upon pain.  Nte also that their is not one “perfect posture”, and that research indicates that varied positioning will have the biggest impact on your pain....
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Sensory Ball for Shoulder Rehab

Shoulder Ball For Wall Exercises   The sensory ball is a ball that is used for AAROM and function strengthening.  It is to be used against the wall, in multiple directions.  The ball allows for shoulder support during active elevation but also forces the shoulder to provide more stability during motion.  It is an excellent...
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