Quadriceps and patella tendon Tears

Quadriceps and patella tendon Tears

Ruptures of the knee extensor mechanism (quadricep and patella tendon) require surgical repair


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-Tears in the Quadricep tend to be degenerative in nature from repetitive trauma

-Quadricep has less favorable outcomes than a patella tear

-Patella tendon tears result from acute trauma

 -Grafts hamstring, fascia lata, Achilles tendon or allograft

-Earlier repair creates less rehab complications, 6 weeks after injury have considerably worse outcomes


Rehab considerations

-Limited research due to low incidence of injury
- Most research is limited to case series and small clinical trails
-Patient begins with limited knee flexion
-15 degrees via a locking brace
-45 degrees at 3 weeks
-Active flexion and passive extension initiated early
-No active extension for 3 weeks

-Isometric quad sets in extension allowed

-Early patella mobilization initiated
-Closed chained exercises limited for first 2 months
-Limited athletic activities (cutting jumping) till 6 months