Osteitis Pubis

Osteitis Pubis

Characterized as an overuse injury resulting in tissue damage and inflammation to the pelvis at the pubic symphysis.  The most common symptom is groin pain. 

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The pelvis consists of the sacrum and two iliums.  The iliums connect anteriorly at the pubic symphysis.  The pubic symphysis is made up of cartilage which helps to absorb forces between the two bones.  During physical activity (running, kicking) there are tiny amounts of movement that occur at the pubic symphysis due to it being the site of multiple muscle attachments.  When these forces become excessive due to repetition or high forces, damage or inflammation to the pubic bones may occur.  This is referred to as osteitis pubis.

The disorder is common amount high level repetitive sports such as soccer, cross country, and hockey due to the repetitive nature of the activities.  Other contributing factors include:

 -Poor mechanics
 -Adductor glutes and core strength decencies
 -Increase hip and pelvis tightness

Groin pain typically is insidious in onset that worsens over time.  Pain may be unilateral or bilateral.  The pubis bone typically will be tender to palpation.  Hard adduction typically causes pain and patients have pain and limitations with abduction stretching. 

Most significant treatment is rest.  Pain should be symptom free or before resuming repetitive activities.  Gentle stretching/flexibility exercises are appropriate along with hip adductor, glute, and hip flexor strengthening.