OCS Elbow Material “EVAL and TREAT” Part II

 OCS Elbow Material


The cervical spine and neurological screen should be performed next
• Dermatome: 

o C4 - Top of shoulder
o C5 – Lateral shoulder
o C6 – Tip of thumb
o C7 – Tip of Middle 3rd digit
o C8 – Tip fifth digit
o T1 – Medial Forearm

• Myotome:

o C4 – Shoulder shrug
o C5 – Abduction
o C6 – Elbow flexion, wrist extension
o C7 – Elbow extension, Wrist flexion
o C8 – Thumb abduction
o T1 – Finger abduction

• DTR:

o C5 – Biceps
o C6 – Brachioradialis
o C7 – Triceps

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Additional Sensory notes

• Median nerve

o 3.5 palmar fingers
o if nerve is cut distally, base of thumb is spared

• Anterior Interosseous nerve

o no sensory deficit

• Ulnar nerve

o 1.5 fingers (digits 4 & 5)

• Radial nerve

o snuffbox





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