OCS Elbow Material “EVAL and TREAT” Part III

OCS Elbow Material


Cervical spine Screen

o AROM- flexion/extension/side bending/rotation
o AROM with overpressure- Performed at EROM
• Accessory Motions

o PA accessory options should be tested for reproducible or reduction of concordant sxs
o Cervical spine levels should be tested at correlating dermatome or myotome
• Compression/decompression

o Tested for Reproduction or reduction of concordant sxs
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ROM testing

• Shoulder: Flexion/Abduction/IR/ER
• Elbow: Flexion/Extension/Pronation/supination
• Wrist: Flexion/extension/Ulnar and radial deviation
• AROM – Should assess quality of ROM and quantity
• PROM – Are passive and active equal? Overpressure at EROM shoulder performed
Accessory motion testing
• Goal is to access joint play, quantity/quality
• Looking for possible sxs production or reduction
• Humeroulnar traction
• Humeroradial traction
• Proximal and distal Radialulnar

o Posterior anterior glides
o Anterior posterior glides 
• Shoulder flexion, extension, IR, ER
• Elbow flexion and extension 
• Wrist flexion and extensions, ulnar and radial deviation
• Grip
• Thumb and fingers
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