Extra-articular Snapping Hip

Extra-articular Snapping Hip

Snapping hip or coxa satans refers to palpable or auditory snapping during hip movement with or without associated pain.  Based upon literature it occurs in 5-10% of general population.  Higher incident rate in dance, soccer players, football players, and weight lifters.


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Based into 2 categories:

Intra articular- labral tears, cartilage defects, loose bodies, fractures
Extra articular-

 -2 sub-categories of extra articular
  - Internal: snapping that occurs in the anterior hip
   -Illiopsoas tendon, psoas or illiacus
  -External: lateral to the hip over the creator trochanter
   -Results from IT Band, glute max, and TFL



-ROM and flexibility training with activity medication recommended for conservative treatment.


 -IT-Band lengthening
 -Lengthening or complete release of iliopsoas tendon