Dermatomes and Myotomes

Dermatome and Myotomes are a must for memorization.  

 -C4 - Top of shoulder
 -C5 – Lateral shoulder
 -C6 – Tip of thumb
 -C7 – Tip of Middle 3rd digit
 -C8 – Tip fifth digit
 -T1 -  Medial Forearm
-C4 – Shoulder shrug
 -C5 – Abduction
 -C6 – Elbow flexion, wrist extension
 -C7 – Elbow extension, Wrist flexion
 -C8 – Thumb abduction
 -T1 -  Finger abduction
 C5- Biceps
 C6- Brachioradialis
 C7- Triceps
Good luck studying, and let me know if there is anything else that should be added.