Axillary Nerve Injury

Axillary Nerve Injury
Axillary nerve injury may occur following an anterior dislocation.  Depending on th study axillary nerve can be damaged between 9-65% of all anterior dislocations.  The axillary nerve lies anterior and inferior to the anterior gh joint.  Upon an anterior dislocation the axillary nerve may become stretched (traction force) or compressed. 
Axillary nerve is innervated by C5,6 and affects deltoid strength and lateral shoulder skin sensation. 
Per Seddens nerve classification:

-Neropraxia (1st degree injury classified by sunderlands)
 -Axon remains intact
 -Normal to minal sensory loss
 -Profound Motor loss lasting days-months

-Axonotmesis (2nd Degree)
 -Axon damage
 -Endoneurium acts to guide axonal regeneration
 -Complete motor loss
 -May have sensory loss

-Axonal and endoneurtium damage
-Complete motor loss
-Complete sensation loss