Why do people experience pain differently?

Why do people experience pain differently?

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Explains Why:

Different people have different amounts of pain with similar injuries

Why some pain can change every day

Why pain can change in different situations or context


1. Patterns of brain activities--> creates a specific experience for pain
2. Create actions signals
a. Experience, feeling, place, mare trigger pain signal
3. Influenced by
a. Pain experience-->Intensity, duration, context- where and how the injury occurred, stress present at the time of injury Nerves that wired together fire together
b. Beliefs-->All back pain is bad, back pain leads to disability, creates anxiety
c. Knowledge-->lack of knowledge regarding healing and pain
d. Anticipated consequences-->Will I be able to perform hobbies; can I continue to work/provide for family, fear, anxiety
e. Medical Interventions-->diagnosis, prognosis, tests
f. Adaptation or persistence of pain-->pain is aggravated every day at work, increasing stress



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