Who Can Benefit from the Invertabelt? Part III

Who Can Benefit from the Invertabelt? Part III

Part one of this blog looked at individuals who may qualify for the use of The Invertabelt.  It Can be difficult to determine what individuals would directly benefit from therapy with the Invertabelt.  In some cases, it is easier to determine who will not benefit.  The section below outline those that are contraindicated and/or inappropriate for the use of the Invertabelt:

 INvertabelt andy champion peroria andrew oakford group low back pain education vlog free guid tip mckenzie method

Loss of bowel or bladder function

Significant weakness in lower limb

Loss of deep tendon reflex

Back pain associated with severe accident

Other Red Flags include

                -History of cancer
                -Unexplained weight loss
                -Consistent pain at night
                -Systemically unwell
                -Widespread neurological deficits or findings
                -Systemic steroid use



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