Muscle Actions on the SI Part II

Muscle Actions on the SI Part II


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Major Muscles

7. Gluteus medias

i. Illiac crest to the greater trochantar
ii. Abducts the thigh
iii. During gait or single leg stance acts to the pelvis level

8. Adductors 

i. Grossly from the pubis angle to medial femur
ii. Adducts the hip, with some hip flexion assistance

9. Rectus abdmoins

i. Attach to the anterior pubic angle
ii. Stabilizes ilium on sacrum during dynamic activities especially for ward bending

10. Internal/external Obliques & transverse abdominals

i. Part of the anterior oblique muscle sling
ii. Provides anterior support
iii. Commonly contracted with self bracing exercises

11. Latisimus Dorsi

i. Part of the posterior oblique sling
ii. Stabilizes SI joint through synergy muscle contractions with gluteus maximus

12. Biceps femoris

i. Stabilize ilium during forward bending
ii. Part of the longitudinal muscle sling



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