Joint Mobilization and Pain Science: Product Review

Joint Mobilization and Pain Science: Product Review

Today I would like to discuss the multi joint distraction strap (MJDS) created by my friend and colleague, Frank Ripperger. When I first purchased the strap I thought it would be best suited for my stubborn adhesive capsulitis patients or stingy total knee clients. As I began using the product, I realized the MJDS was appropriate for a broader patient demographic. 


As research continues to be churned out, there is growing reason to believe that the majority of our manual therapy techniques are no longer changing joint alignment or breaking up scar tissue. Instead there is significant research suggesting that the said manual therapy techniques are a novel input sent to the brain that changes the brains output reducing pain and tone. 


I have found the MJDS to be extremely effective with the acute shoulder and knee patient. These patients are typically "hot" and their symptoms are easily exasperated. The MJDS has allowed me to perform slow sustained distraction/mobilizations with the joint supported and secured. Patients find these gentle techniques safe and relaxing.  "Safe and secure" are key sensations needed to help decrease tone, decrease patient anxiety and increase freedom of movement. The MJDS is an excellent tool for the tough restricted patient, but also for the acute/sensitive patient. 


Go to the link below for several techniques or visit Frank's site at for more information!