A Sensitive System I

A Sensitive System

Tissue damage, myelin sheath and ion channels

1. Nerve tissue is myelinated or non-myelinated
2. C-fibers (original danger fibers) are non-myelinated and have ion channels

a. Ion channels act as the gateway inside of the nerve and outside
b. Stimulation of the nerve cause action potential of the nerve

Invertabelt education on nerves mckenzie method oakford group

3. Ion channels are plastic --> they shift/change within 48 hours

a. Temperature
b. Immune
c. Mechanical

i. Stretch
ii. pressure

d. Stress
e. Blood flow
f. Chemical

4. Ion channels will shift based upon perceived threat level

Tissue damage

1. Stimulates ion channels
2. Plasticity --> Ion channels respond to perceive threat or danger
3. Myelinated nerves

a. Nerve may become stripped
b. Allows further ion channels to be exposed
c. New exposed ion channels are plastic

Patient Experience

1. Patient is hypersensitive

a. Touch
b. Stretch
c. Contraction

2. Influx of mechanical ion channels

a. Negative thoughts -->pull=damage, stretch=damage
b. Reinforce more mechanical ion channels

3. Treatment

a. Education--> Pull/Pain does not equal harm, Stretch does not equal harm
b. Desensitization through

i. Tactile
ii. Stretch
iii. Contraction


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