A Sensitive System Part II

A Sensitive System Part II

Chemical influence

1. Various chemical can influence ion channels

a. Influence opening of ion channels
b. Influence closing of ion channels

2. Adrenaline

a. Fast acting neurotransmitter-->released during threats of 10 minutes and less
b. Blocks danger/pain messages
c. Increase muscle strength

3. Cortisol

a. Produced by adrenal gland--> similar to adrenaline but is used for longer threats
b. Short term
i. Cortisol increases blood sugar, aids in fat protein and carbohydrate metabolism
ii. Prevents the release of substances that cause inflammation
c. Long term


i. Muscle wasting
ii. Affects short term memory
iii. Reduction in bone formation
iv. Increase blood pressure
v. Weight gains
vi. Reproduction system changes
vii. Immune system changes
1. Cytokines production
2. Increase ion sensitivity
3. Causes prolonged inflammation