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DIY therapy: Pain Guide Published! We are very proud to launch our self treatment guide for generalized pain. If you are having new or long-standing pain, we hope that this guide can help change your life.  Pain effects everyone in different capacities and it is very personal and unique.  It may affect your job, your finances, or even limit your hobbies.  Pain is personal! Pain...
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What is our Low back Self-Treatment Guides We are very proud to launch our self treatment guide for low back pain.  We have had many questions coming in asking us to explain what someone received with our treatment.  Check out the podcast below to hear what the guide is all about!   You can purchase the book here at Amazon for $4.00,  Thanks always for...
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Your Perception, Your Experience, Your Beliefs As the title indicates, this section is all about you!  In the introduction of this Guide I mentioned that self-treatment and assessment of pain is actually a journey of self-discovery.  This process involves looking at our feelings, fears, anxieties and beliefs all in context of our pain and our lives.  This section of the guide is going to force...
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Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain Video   Pulleys should be used for 30 -60 seconds working different angles.
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Resistant Band Training Today we will be highlighting resistant band training and its role in the rehab and recovering process of neck, thoracic, and shoulder dysfunctions. Like any component of the rehab process there is an appropriate time and place for implementation.  Resistant training should only be used sparingly in the activity introduction phase, and used more regularly the building tolerance phase.  It is almost...
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