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DIY Therapy & the oakford group

DIY therapy & The Oakford Group

Founded by licensed physical therapists, The Oakford Group, LLC, has created the Invertabelt, a home exercise product designed to provide quality manual therapy treatment techniques that were once only available in the clinic.

We are focused on providing quality treatment strategies to common musculoskeletal dysfunctions through innovative treatment tools and strategies. Clear, concise exercise instructions and rationales are provided, helping to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between the clinician and patient.

Our process is derived directly from our physical therapy evaluation focusing on symptom and pattern recognition that help clients identify and eliminate painful stimulants and activities.  with over 40 years of clinical experience we streamlined the treatment process allowing clients to self treat and manage the majority of musculoskeletal pain.  

DIY Self-Treament Books

The DIY Treatment Book Series was developed to provide readers a thorough understanding of their pain associated with each body part.  The books are created as self treatment guides that provide step by step instructions, graphs ,and tools to help self assess and treat and manage pain independently.  Currently, there have been 3 book written focused on general pain, neck pain and low back pain.  Visits our book section today to purchase your book!

Wellness Consultation

Wellness consultations are available for bookings in 25 minute segments.  The session will provides clients one on one consultation using the simple process and tools created by DIY therapy to help assess and treat common muscle and bone pain.  The consultation will provide in depth discussion on how to identify unique patterns in your life that are contributing to your pain, and simple solutions.  Sign up today in our booking section!


Coming Soon!

With a DIY Therapy subscription, you have exclusive access to all of our DIY Therapy Books which include spreadsheets graphs and tools designed to help you to treat your unique pain patterns.  Webinars, videos and exclusive blogs are available for specific dysfunctions, making your treatment solution easy!


Our weekly DIY Therapy Podcast discusses common musculoskeletal dysfunctions and treatment solutions.  We answer user questions and debunk common treatment misconceptions.

The Invertabelt

The Invertabelt helps provide low-back treatment that mirrors many manual therapy techniques performed in a professional clinic. Essentially, when performing back exercises that move the spine into a back bent or extended position, the Invertabelt isolates and extends the exact segment of the spine to reduce spasm and pain. As a result, you are able to perform exercises to a fuller range of motion which helps to optimize the effectiveness of the exercise

DIY Therapy Blog

Our DIY Therapy Blog discusses common pain syndromes and treatment options!

The Oakford Group Team

Andy Champion graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Masters in Physical Therapy. Andy lives with his wife (Mandy) and two children (Sam & Ellie) in Central Illinois where he manages and works in an outpatient orthopedic clinic with a focus on spine treatment. He is currently on the Spine Clinical Specialty Team (CST) for the regional hospital.

Andy has taught and developed multiple courses on a variety of topics in the Central Illinois region and is currently studying for the OCS examination. His goal is to turn patients from passive participants in their rehab, to active participants by developing patient self-efficacy through education, symptoms awareness, and self-treatment techniques. Oakford’s passion is to see his patients actively participate in treatment and take control of his or her pain.

Jana Bruesch graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors in Physical Therapy.  Jana currently lives with her husband (Tim) and daughter (Zaira) in Central Illinois.

Since graduating Bruesch has worked extensively in the outpatient orthopedic setting with a focus on spine and sacroiliac joint dysfunctions.  Currently she is on the Spine Specialty Team for the regional hospital.

Jana has taught and developed multiple courses for past and present employers and is a yearly guest instructor for Illinois Central College PTA students.

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Will Roth graduated Illinois State UNiversity with his Bacheors in health sciences and associates in Physical Therapy.  He lives in the central Illinois region with his wife (Michelle) and 2 daughters (Nora & Harper) and his son (Henry) in Central Illinois.

Since graduating Roth has

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