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McKenzie Roll – Product Review

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mckenzie roll
Proper Lumbar support positioning

McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Today we will be reviewing the McKenzie lumbar Roll. 

Mckenzie roll
McKenzie Roll to monitor posture and provide spine support


Medical device designed to support the spine, and monitor posture.  Stabilizing the lumbar spine, causes normal standing curves throughout the spine.


A lumbar Roll is used control or monitor posture in the low, mid, upper back, and the neck.  Posture support can also be used to help treat sacroiliac dysfunction, piriformis, and sciatica.   Posture support is important for people who stay in the same posture or positioning at home or at work for long periods of time.   It is appropriate for anyone who has pain and or symptoms begin to rise when stuck in long lasting positions. 


In most cases posture is not the cause of the initial pain that one experiences in their spine.  It is, however; a major reason why spine pain does not go away and is a large contributing factor to developing chronic or long term pain. 


If posture is determined to be a contributing factor in your pain experience, then it should be monitored during pain positioning.  For the McKenzie Roll, posture can be monitored in a seated position. When pain is intense and more sensitive, the support should be used anytime an individual is sitting for more than five minutes at a time. 


Lumbar support should be used in a seated positions for more than five minutes which would include car rides, eating, work stations, and or relaxing at home. 


Product Features:



The McKenzie Roll receives high marks for quality.  It’s cover is removable and is machine washable.  The pillow cushioning provides firm but pliable support that is long lasting.


For its specific role of monitoring posture, the McKenzie roll performs well.  When the individual is positioned correctly the roll completes its purpose.  One of the challenges that individuals have is keeping their rear end positioned at the back end of the chair.  This is an important detail that must be maintained to achieve posture support.  If an individual is positioned away from the back of the chair then the  postural support is harder to maintain and in some cases will no longer be effective.  This is a common problem with almost all lumbar supports rolls and is not unique to the McKenzie Roll. 


The McKenzie Roll, like all support rolls lacks versatility as it can only support posture in a seated position.  The chair also must have a full back support.  Some office chairs have a missing section in the lumbar spine.  


The product is easy to use and easy to use and the results are reproducable.  The only down fall is that individuals at time will not spotionin their rear end to the back of their chair to maximize the products effects.



As far as lumbar rolls are concerned.  This product is top of the line.  If you are looking for a support roll the McKenzie roll, has been the leader in its industry for over 3 decades. 


Price: $18.55*** 

The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP – Low Back Support for Office Chairs and Car Seats

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