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Sensory Ball for Shoulder Rehab

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Shoulder Ball For Wall Exercises


The sensory ball is a ball that is used for AAROM and function strengthening.  It is to be used against the wall, in multiple directions.  The ball allows for shoulder support during active elevation but also forces the shoulder to provide more stability during motion.  It is an excellent transition exercise for the shoulder for individuals who are having difficulty with endurance or strength while lifting their arm above the shoulder height.

The ball can be used to practice shoulder flexion

Image result for shoulder flexion exercises wall ball ROM

It may also be used in abduction:

Image result for shoulder flexion exercises wall ball ROM circles


This ball has small rubber nodules that provide additional sensory input to the brain.  The additional  input can help distract the brain allowing more movement to occur at the shoulder prior to pain be perceived.  This helps us to continue to move the shoulder into further ROM without increase pain and sensitivity.


The ball against the wall is effective because it allows your shoulder to move in many different angles while building endurance.  Multiple directions can be performed based on individuals need.  Circel diagnals or any painfull or challenging psotiion can be performed and slowly worked through.


10 repetitions 2-3 times a day is recommended for painful or sensitive motions.  2-5 minutes is recommended for endurance based exercises.

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