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Shoulder Pulley for Shoulder Pain

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Coming soon is The DIY Therapy self-treatment guide for shoulder pain.  The self-treatment guide is designed to take people through the education, self-discovery and symptom recognition process critical to self-treatment and management of one’s shoulder pain. 

Does that sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be.  Self-assessment and treatment are a skill, and with proper tools and practice, the skill can be taught and learned.  Now pain can be predicted, prevented and management cane be perfected!

We are adding additional products that will support the exercises necessary for pain management of each body area and will support the content provided by each treatment guide.

Rangemaster shoulder pulley:  Excellent use for early treatment of the highly sensitive shoulder.  Pain is based upon sensitivity levels.  When sensitivity is high, pain is also increased.  As sensitivity and pain is elevated, an individual’s tolerance decreases.  Tolerance is defined as the ability of tissue (the shoulder) to endure levels of strain.  When we have decrease tolerance, the tissue is unable to accept normal strain through every day activities. 

If you are having difficulty with decrease shoulder activity tolerance, then a shoulder pulley may be best option for you.  The shoulder pulley, allows for passive range of motion and active assistive range of motion for the shoulder, introducing pain free motion.

The pulley introduces motion in a pain free environment or movement pattern that the shoulder would not typically be able to tolerate.  Repetitive movements through these normal motions allows for the muscle tone and sensitivity levels to decrease.  Over time an individual’s tolerance and activities will increase. 


The shoulder Pulley is performed for someone after surgery or if you are having large levels of pain. 

Price: $10.80***


***Affiliate Disclosure: theinvertabelt.com does make a small commission on some of the products and services that we use and recommend through affiliate relationships with those merchants. Also, before making any purchase you should always rely on your own judgement and do your own due diligence. The results you get will be entirely based on your own experience and skill set. Prior to any self-treatment program you are to always consult the your medical professional.