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Elbow Fractures Part II

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Elbow Fractures Part II

Monteggia Fracture

Monteggia Fractures is a combination of fracture of the ulna and dislocation of the radioulnar joint. There are four types of fracture:

Type I- Middle third of ulna fractured and anterior radial head dislocation
Type II- Middle third of ulna fractured and a posterior dislocation
Type III- Ulnar metaphysis is fractured with lateral dislocation
Type IV- Ulna and radius are fractured with anterior dislocation of the radial head6-8 hours of the injury.

It is important to diagnose this fracture early as sometimes the radial head dislocation may be missed secondary to the ulnar fracture.

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Olecranon Fracture

Olecranon Fractures are fairly common fractures. They can be caused by falls with the arm out stretched and elbow in hyperextended position or an avulsion fractures from strong triceps contractions. There are three types of olecranon fractures:

Type I- Non displaced –>Immobilize and treat sxs
Type IIļƒ Displacement with intact UCL
Type IIIļƒ Displacement with disruption of UCL
Type II and III require surgical fixation




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