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Elbow Fractures Part I

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Elbow Fractures Part 1

Lateral Humeral Condyle Fracture

Lateral humeral condyle fractures are in children between the ages of 5-10. They typically occur from a fall on an extended wrist/elbow, or a pull off avulsion fracture of the extensor insertion secondary to a Varus force.

The fracture is as a Salter-Harris IV fracture and in affect is a physical injury. Prognosis is good, if diagnosed quickly and appropriately. Radiographs are difficult to read as the displacement appears less significant than it actually is. Fractures of 3-5mm are typically fixated.

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Medial Humeral Condyle Fracture

Common fracture of adolescence. It typically occurs from a fall with the arm outstretched as the elbow is forced into a valgus direction or with a fall directly onto the elbow. Avulsion fractures can also occur from a strong flexion and pronator contraction (arm wrestling). The significance of the injury may be a small avulsion fracture or a Salter-Harris fracture IV. Prognosis is good if the fracture is properly reduced and fixated if needed.

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