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Roadkill Position

Roadkill Position - Invertabelt

Roadkill Position

Appropriate for low back pain that radiates or moves through the buttocks and or to the lower extremity. Individuals may also experience pain that increases in sitting and frequent reliefs is achieve by leaning away from the painful side.  Individuals may also note that they lean away from the painful side in a standing position. 

Low Back Pain
  1. Place foot strap on the affected side
  2. Place loop around opposite leg
  3. Tightly secure the waist belt and the secondary foot strap
  4. Lie on stomach
  5. Lift leg on the affected side into roadkill position
  6. Lie with deep breathing
  7. Move onto elbows
  8. May move up and down from elbows intermittently
  9. May progress to prone press up in roadkill position


How it works: Repetitively shifting the shoulders towards the side of pain allows the spine to develop a renewed tolerance to that direction thus reducing pain.

REPS: 5-15 reps every 1-4 hours

Typical Symptom Response:

  • Positive: Pain that moves towards the spine is a good sign and sx.
  • Negative:  Pain moving away from the spine, into the buttocks, or further down the leg is a poor symptom response

WARNING: Individuals should consult with their healthcare provider prior to use.  This product is not to be used without medical advice.  The Oakford Group, LLC assumes no responsibility for injury caused by improper use of the product.  The instructions provided by your healthcare provider are to be followed precisely.  Do not exceed the health recommendations of your health care provider.  Exceeding these recommendations may aggravate an existing condition or cause additional injury.  The Invertabelt should never cause pain.  A stretching sensation or slight discomfort may be felt during exercise.  If abnormal sensations or pain is present during your exercise, discontinue use immediately and consult your health care provider before further use.  By purchasing this product you are confirming that you are working with a medical professional for you rehabilitation needs.  

Warning: Latex Allergy

Product colors vary from image shown (black, red, blue)

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